What is NEO Super?

NEO Super is a new global open-source payment network – free from any unnecessary intermediaries or centralized control. It is a hard fork of the popular NEO currency that utilizes the ETH algorithm to provide users with the highest possible transaction speeds and all the benefits of smart contract. NEO Super is based on the Ethereum engine, making it faster and smarter than ever. With its superb mining opportunities, a user-friendly multi-platform wallet, and tools for creating new tokenized assets, NEO Super is exactly what is needed to make the shift from the traditional economy to the Bitcoin revolution.

The NEO Super fork is planned for 10th November, 2018 (20:00 GMT) – that’s when a snapshot of the NEO network will be taken. At this point, every NEO holder will receive NEO Super tokens at a 1:2 ratio. For instance, a user who holds 100 NEO will receive 200 NEO Super after the fork.

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NEO Super Features


All users are welcome to join the NEO Super network and begin mining as soon as the fork happens. We will award each miner with 5 NEO Super tokens per block. Software for mining solo or expanding one’s mining pool will be available from the NEO Super repository right after the fork.

WEB Client

We have worked hard to create a truly easy-to-use, convenient yet sophisticated web client for NEO Super. No need to download the client and all the blocks to access the network – we have invested our time so that you can save yours! With our client, you will be able to store and use both ether and digital assets built on NEO Super, as well write and deploy smart contracts.

Smart contracts

With NEO Super you can create your own tradeable digital tokens. It can be a new crypto currency, virtual share in a business, proof of membership, representation of an asset – the possibilities are endless. All such tokens will use a standard API, so that your new smart contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet, exchanges like the news spy, binance, or another contract that use the same standard. You can set the total number of tokens for your project to a fixed figure or make it fluctuate according to a scheme that suits your needs.
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John D. Martin
CEO & Main Developer

Highly qualified backend developer with 7+ years of experience. Worked as Head of Engineering for 3 years before becoming a crypto enthusiast. Now devotes all his time and talents to making the new crypto-based economy a reality.

Jürgen Kappel
Product Manager

11 years of experience as Operations & Product Manager for a leading hardware & software manufacturer in Germany. Passionate about all things crypto, working with people and discovering new tech.

Léon Labrecque
Head Of Marketing

After working as IT Project Manager for over 13 years, Leon switched to blockchain projects. His enthusiasm and love for learning have come as a great asset to the team.

Akijiro Nakaseko
CTO & Web Developer

Extensive experience in front-tend development, strong knowledge of HTML5/CSS3, Javascript (React JS) and backend environments with Node.js. Worked for several successful startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you using the NEO name? Is this an official NEO project? No, we are not affiliated with NEO. We use the name because it is customary to include the name of the original coin being forked into the title of a new fork. However, we are big fans of NEO.
What is NEO Super? NEOX is an abbreviation of NEO Super and the ticker (symbol) of the new digital asset that will be created as the result of the planned hard fork.
How can I receive free NEO Super coins? You have to be a NEO holder – that is, have some NEO in your wallet. Each NEO holder will receive free NEOX after the fork (planned for November 10, 20:00 GMT) at a 1:2 ratio. For instance, if you have 100 NEO in your digital wallet, you will receive 200 NEOX after the fork. Use Official NEOX wallet for claim NEOX.
What advantages does NEO Super provide compared to NEO? NEO Super users will enjoy improved smart contract security, fast and user-friendly multi-platform web client, extensive mining opportunities (PoW), a decentralized marketplace, and Lightning Network support.
Will I get NEOX if I have NEO in my wallet on a digital exchange? No. In order to get free NEOX coins, you need to hold NEO in your personal wallet at the moment the fork happens. The only way you could get free NEO Super tokens if you keep your NEO in an exchange wallet is if the exchange itself adds the support of NEO Super before the fork.
What is the total NEOX token supply? The initial token supply is set at circa 225 million NEOX. Each NEO holder will receive 2 NEOX tokens for each NEO. A total of 20 million NEOX are reserved for subsequent development and improvement of the network by the team; a further 5 million NEOX are reserved for the bounty campaign.
How can I check my NEOX balance after the fork? You will be able to see your NEOX token balance using Official NEOX wallet after the fork. Other wallets will introduce this feature in the near future.